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cast bronze and monocular
85 x 56 x 56 inches
Chateau de Dravert Sculpture Park in Burgundy, France

Porte du champ
cast bronze and monoculars
Porte du Champ
cast bronze and monoculars

The sculpture is composed of a wooded double door cast in bronze, made for a private sculpture park in Chateau Dravert, Burgundy. The work refers to Marcel Duchamp's 11 rue Larrey (1927). Duchamp had to use only one door for two spaces in his small Paris apartment which could close the bedroom and at the same time open the bathroom. In Gérard's work, next to the big door a small door is built allowing only a small child to go through it. Both doors pivot; two monoculars inserted in the big door allow a viewer to see the whole space of the park and other art works.

Chateau de Dravert Sculpture Park, Burgundy, France