1985-1999 > Black Drawings

drawings on paper

Because they are executed in charcoal and coal rubbed on gray paper, these drawings possess the same appealing texture as [Gérard's] in­stallations. Simply rendered Bessemer converters, railroad cars and turbines are repeated across the surface of these compositions. They are then obscured by swirling dashes of charcoal, rather like a grimy snowstorm.
— from B. Homisak's article for the Tribune-Review

Collection of the artist

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Michel Gérard: Signature Transformations 2009–1972, Christian Pirot (2009): p. 26-27
Michel Gérard au Creux de l'Enfer, Centre d'Art Contemporain du Creux de l'Enfer (1989)

1989 Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh