Michel Gerard
Freudian Reading of Leonardo's Childhood Memories
Transformations, series of three drawingsTransformations, series of three drawingsTransformations, series of three drawingsLittle Nemo with Fingerprint Ghosts
2003 - 2007Little Nemo as a Transitional Object
2003 - 2007Say cheeseView Through The pitCreusement FrontalGravitational Lens 1gravitational Lens 2Unit Unit (detail)Pittsburgh PiraneseVoyage au Centre de la SaarEntre LieuxUnderground Passagesrecensement
Michel Gerard makes drawings related to his sculpture as well as and more often as independent works. His drawings of the 1980s reflect his interest in the industrial processes and transformation of materials. In the 1990s, the artist experimented with drawings as the wall installations that included images of geology, biology and nature. In the last decade he worked with images from his childhood, among them comic books. One of the latest series of his drawings is made on Freudian reading of Leonardo’s painting.